Moneyish Video

Moneyish is Dow Jones' millennial-focused personal finance, lifestyle, and culture brand that launched last year. I oversee the style and execution of all Moneyish animation and hire and manage freelance illustrators. 


Editorial Series

As part of a larger package for International Women’s Day, called “Ceiling Smashers,” I created an animated video for each subject using only static sit-down interviews and archival materials. The comic book motif runs throughout the series, as each woman details a gender-based trial they’ve faced in their industry and how they overcame it. The multimedia package won the 2018 Front Page Award in its category.


Series Branding

Our editorial sponsored video series "Good Company" is about mentorship across industries. I created a new graphics package, working with the client—Frost Bank—to create a title sequence that was on brand for both parties, without detracting from the content itself.


One-off Projects

One such video was this piece about the female body, based on an excerpt from the book "Gross Anatomy," by Mara Altman.