Curbed Social Revamp

The major Curbed redesign happened back in early 2016, but the social content was generally limited to static memes. My objective was to develop a cohesive collection of motion graphics styles and value-added original content that would enhance the experience for Curbed’s readers across platforms. 


2016 Home Shopping Guide

In collaboration with the photo editor, I identified images that could benefit from motion and animated them. This editorial feature required 12 product gifs as well as animated header images.


Instagram Feed

Using all user-generated content from our hashtag, we selected and animated photos in three styles: (1) manipulation of the original image, (2) changes in hue, and (3) seasonal animation.


Serialized Instagram Stories

We launched a handful of Instagram stories, featuring user-generated photos. One series, called "Facades Forever" explored the history and present-day use of a different architectural facade  each week.